Assessment of Northern Ireland Broad Economy Sales and Export Statistics

The Office for Statistics Regulation is currently carrying out an assessment of the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA)’s Broad Economy Sales and Export Statistics (BESES) against the Code of Practice for Statistics. BESES is an experimental annual measure of local businesses’ sales to markets outside Northern Ireland (NI). We will assess the statistics against the three pillars of the code – trustworthiness, quality and value – with a view to designating them as National Statistics.

We want your feedback

The Code of Practice places a strong emphasis on statistics meeting the needs of their users. Capturing the views of users, and potential users, forms an important part of our judgement of the statistics, and helps us to ascertain how they could be improved going forward. If you are a user of these statistics, we would very much welcome your feedback on these statistics and would be grateful if any thoughts could be aligned to the following questions:

  • For what purpose do you use the BESES statistics?
  • How well do the statistics meet your needs? For example, are the releases sufficiently timely and frequent? Is the data detailed enough for your uses?
  • How clear is the advice from NISRA about the strengths and limitations of the statistics?
  • How clearly do you find the statistics to be presented and analysed? Are there ways in which this could be improved?
  • Your experience of any contact you have had with NISRA
  • Anything else you want to tell us about your experience with the BESES statistics

We welcome comments on the above, or any other aspect of these statistics which you think might be relevant to our assessment. To contribute to our assessment, please get in touch with one of our assessment team:  Ben Bohane or Isabel Ralphs. We look forward to receiving your comments by 30 June 2021.