Assessment of Home Offices’ Police Funding statistics

The Crime and Security domain is currently carrying out an assessment of Home Offices’ Police Funding statistics against the Code of Practice for StatisticsWe will assess the statistics against the three pillars of the code – trustworthiness, quality and value – with a view to confirming their National Statistics status. 

Our assessment will focus on the public value of these statistics, ensuring that the figures in the statistics are well explained and not misleading. The Police Funding statistics bring complicated financial data together, offering the public the opportunity to hold the government to account in an area which is of growing public concern. 

The assessment will cover the following outputs; 

Police Funding in England and Wales 2015 to 2021 

Annex 3: An overview of the main national police bodies 1996 to 2021

If you are using assistive technology and cannot read Annex 3 in this format, you can request an accessible format of Annex 3

The Code of Practice places a strong emphasis on statistics meeting the needs of their users. Capturing the views of users, and potential users, forms an important part of our judgement of the statistics, and helps us to ascertain how they could be improved going forward.  

We want your feedback

We would very much welcome your feedback on these statistics and would be grateful if thoughts could be aligned to the following questions:

  • what do you use the Police Funding statistics for? 
  • do the statistics reflect the changing value of money? 
  • how do you think the statistics could be improved? 
  • is the context on where the funding comes from clear?  

Please send us your feedback by Monday 1 February 2021.