Systemic Review Programme

Projects within the systemic review programme are shown in the table below, according to the stage each is currently at. The year a project began is also shown in brackets. More information and contacts for each of these projects can be seen by clicking on the title. For the newer projects this might just be an outline of the approach we are taking and expected timelines. For those with a longer history there will usually be a report, progress update and some correspondence. Systemic Reviews are also part of our Regulatory Work Programme.

On work programmeScoping*Gathering evidence and analysisReporting Seeking and following up commitmentsProject closure
Local data (2019)Children and young people (2018)Adult Social Care (2018)Income and Earnings (2014)Public finances in a devolved UK (2018)
Loneliness (2019)Mental Health (2019)Post-16 Education and Skills (2018)Housing and planning (2016)
Statistical Leadership (2019)Policing (2018)
Approaches to User Engagement in the Defra Group (2020)
Reproducible Analytical Pipelines (2020)

*Sometimes we scope a project and decide not to progress it.


Closed systemic reviews

For more information about closed systemic reviews please see the relevant page:

Crime and Justice statistics

Innovations in Children, Education and Skills statistics

International Migration (2017)

Health and Care statistics in England (2015)

Classifications (2018)

Justice Statistics (2017)

Data Linkage (2017)