Our consultation on a refreshed Code of Practice is now closed. This three month consultation took place from 5 July 2017 until 5 October 2017.

It provided an opportunity for producers, users and the wider community to see how we propose to refresh the Code of Practice.

The Office for Statistics Regulation wishes to thank everyone that has been interested and involved in this work, we have received some useful comments and will consider them all very carefully.

We aim to complete this work as quickly as possible, with the new ‘Code of Practice’ available and published in early 2018.


Note for Editors

The consultation was the next-stage in a year-long ‘stock-take’ of the Code of Practice, during which we have worked closely with members of the Government Statistical Service and the user community.

If you have any queries concerning the consultation please email: regulation@statistics.gov.uk

The Code of Practice for Statistics is an important tool in protecting official statistics by setting the standards which must be met to ensure the public can have confidence in them.

These standards are used:

  • By statisticians, and other analysts when producing and publishing official statistics;
  • By the Office for Statistics Regulation when determining whether official statistics can be called National Statistics;
  • By the Authority when publically challenging the misuse of statistics; and
  • are helpful in general to support judgements about the publication of wider numerical information.