Meet the Team

The Office for Statistics Regulation provides independent regulation of all official statistics produced in the UK. Our team work across a number of regulatory domains and functions, overseen by a senior leadership team. Our What we do page has more detail.

Our Senior Leadership Team

Ed Humpherson – Director General for Regulation

Ed joined the team as Director General for Regulation in January 2014. More biographical information about Ed.

Rob Kent-Smith – Deputy Head

Rob joined the team in 2023 and is responsible for driving OSR’s development as a regulator, focusing on strategy, capability and impact, and how we secure positive change in the statistics system. For a decade Rob worked as an economist at the Office for National Statistics in a variety of roles, this most recently included leading the production and transformation of the National Accounts and GDP. Prior to joining OSR, Rob was on loan to the Welsh Government for two years leading the transport strategy and policy division.

Helen Miller-Bakewell – Head of Development and Impact

Helen joined the team in 2022 and has oversight of our research and innovation work and leads the Research function, the Policy and Standards function and the Data and Methods function. Helen joined the Government Statistical Service, from academia, in 2013. She worked as a producer of statistics in three government departments before joining OSR (for the first time!) as a statistical regulator in 2019.

Mark Pont – Assessment Programme Lead 

Mark joined the team in 2008 to head up our assessment programme. Mark started his career in the Government Statistical Service in 1990, undertaking roles in a range of government departments. This includes 12 years spent in the Office for National Statistics as a statistical methodologist, largely spent improving aspects of the production of business statistics. In 2018, Mark was on loan to the Welsh Government for seven months as head of Economy, Skills and Natural Resources Statistics.

Gail Rankin – Systemic Review Programme Lead

Gail joined the team in August 2019 to head up our systemic review programme. Gail’s background is in engineering, and she started her career with Network Rail in project management and process improvement (six sigma) roles. In 2013, Gail moved into local government and has experience through leadership roles in data and performance management and business planning.

Elise Rohan– Head of Casework

Elise re-joined the team in 2023, to oversee OSR’s statistics casework. Elise previously worked as a statistics regulator and led the Labour Market and Welfare domain. Prior to joining OSR, she worked in a range of statistical production and policy-facing roles in the Cabinet Office, Department for Work and Pensions, and Office for Manpower Economics. In 2022, Elise was on loan to the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs for a year as the Head of Environmental Indicators, Statistics and Reporting.


For general enquiries for the Office for Statistics Regulation, or to contact our Domain teams, please complete the form below. If you would like to raise a concern related to the production and use of statistics, please see our Raise a Concern pages.