What we do

The Office for Statistics Regulation vision is simple: Statistics should serve the public good.

As regulators, it is our role to support confidence in statistics by addressing harms and making sure that statistics serve the public good.

Statistics are vital to help inform decisions made by a wider group of organisations, including charities, researchers, trade unions, businesses and community groups, and statistics help those civil society organisations hold governments to account.

Statistics are key in influencing the choices made by citizens: how they vote, where they live and a wide range of other decisions.

Statistics are a key part of society and democracy, informing public and political debates, and sitting at the centre of discussions of health, education, the economy, crime, the environment and many other topics.


Our main regulatory tools are:

Our assessments assess statistics against the standards set out in the Code of Practice for Statistics. Assessment is the only tool that allows us to grant National Statistics status on official statistics.

See more on our assessment process and guidance for assessments.

Systemic reviews are used when we want to improve public value of a set of statistics or examine a cross-cutting statistical issue (for example, data linkage or classifications) rather than one particular series.

See more about our published systemic reviews and our systemic review programme.


Compliance checks are short, focused reviews, typically providing a high-level investigation of the extent to which statistics meet the standards of theĀ Code of Practice for Statistics. Some are pre-planned, but our programme is flexible enough to respond to immediate important issues as they arise, and we are flexible in the coverage of each check in order to focus on those matters that are most pertinent to the particular statistics.

One of our key roles is to use our voice to stand up for statistics and to represent the public, monitoring and reporting publicly where we have concerns about the dissemination and use of statistics and highlighting good practice. Casework is the tool that best allows us to be responsive and investigate issues quickly as they arise.