We are celebrating our third birthday with a big bang!

We will be hosting our first annual conference to showcase our work (6 November) and launching an independent Twitter account (@StatsRegulation) in time for the conference.

After a soft launch three years ago, OSR has gradually been developing a stronger regulatory profile. We remain proud to be part of the UK Statistics Authority, but over the past three years have rightly gained a reputation and personality distinct from that of the Authority. We now want to make this clearer to those who follow our regulatory work, sharing more of what we do and helping a wider audience understand our work.

These developments contribute to our endeavours to have more direct engagement and collaboration with a range of organisations and individuals to understand how statistics can serve the public good, and what statistics need to do to keep up with the changing world around us. Through this, we will be able to more effectively challenge producers of statistics to ensure that statistics serve the public good, whether that be informing government policy or influencing choices made by individual citizens.

I hope you will remember to follow us and enjoy our posts from the 5th November!