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Anyone can raise a concern with us. 

We consider issues related to the production and misuse of statistics. 

Our formal remit covers official statistics – statistics produced by government which must comply with the Code of Practice for Statistics – but we take a broad view on what falls within our scope. We will consider issues relating to data and analysis published by UK governments whether they are formally defined as official statistics or not. 

We cover the whole UK including relevant bodies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our expectation is that all data published by government should be published in line with the principles set out in the Code of Practice for Statistics. 

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Or alternatively, you can raise a concern by emailing regulation@statistics.gov.uk  or writing to us at: Office for Statistics Regulation, 1 Drummond Gate, London SW1V 2QQ 


We will consider any issue raised with us via this form, email or written correspondence. We also undertake our own monitoring leading to “self-generated” casework.