UKSA/OSR Casework: Quarterly Management Information

The information provided in the table shows the total number of cases considered by UKSA/OSR and the average (mean and median) time from opening to closing a case.

As the regulator of official statistics we do not ourselves produce official statistics, but that we voluntarily apply our Code pillars in production of this management information.

Quarterly Management Information 2021/22

QuarterCases openedTime to close a case (days) MedianTime to close a case (days) MeanCases still open
Q1: April - June 20213915164
Q2: July - September 2021----
Q3: October - December 2021----
Q4: January - March 2022----
Year to date (2020/21)3915164
All cases 2020/213231014

A case is opened when it is received from an external source or an issue is identified by a member of OSR. A case is closed when the issue has been considered and any necessary action has been taken.

The median and mean number of days taken to close a case are reported. This measure is based on calendar days (not working days) so includes weekends and bank holidays. The median is considered the best headline measure as it reflects the typical experience. When calculating time taken to close a case, cases that were closed on the same day that they were received or identified have a one day response time, rather than 0.

Data provided in the table are provisional figures which may be revised in future quarters or as part of the annual review. For example, there will be occasions where a case is closed after the provisional data are reported. In quarter one there are four cases remaining open at the time of reporting these data (29 July 2021). These four cases are included in the total number of cases, but not in the figures for median or mean time to close a case. Where needed, revised data will be provided in the following quarter or as part of the annual review.

Quarterly data will be published on the last Thursday of the month following the relevant quarter. The next update will be on 28 October 2021.

Our annual casework review provides more details of casework during 2019/20 and Q1 2020/21. The 2020/21 annual casework review will be published in autumn 2021.

For more information on casework please see the casework pages of our website.

The management information provided on this page has been produced in the interests of demonstrating transparency. In producing the report, we have taken a proportionate approach to applying the pillars of the Code of Practice for Statistics – Trustworthiness, Quality and Value.

Trustworthiness – Confidence in the people and organisations that produce statistics and data

The data published on this page is produced with the public interest in mind. The report was compiled by the Office for Statistics Regulation, which made all decisions on what to include in the report. The report protects the confidentiality of those who made enquiries to the Authority.

Updates to the data will be made quarterly on the last Thursday of the month following the end of the quarter (i.e. the last Thursday in July, October, January and April).

 Quality – data and methods that produce assured statistics 

The review is based on management information held to support the Authority assess its performance and track key issues. Quality assurance of the final version of all figures quoted in the report was undertaken by an analyst within the Authority who did not work on the compilation of the data.

The data comes from the Authority’s casework management system, which is subject to internal audit review and assurance.

Value – statistics that support society’s needs for information

The report is being published in the interests of providing greater transparency on the Authority’s casework. Through publication on the Office for Statistics Regulation website, it is being made available to all those with an interest in the Office for Statistics Regulation’s process.

Please send any feedback on these data to to enable the Authority to understand the value of this information and develop it in ways that will support user needs in future.

This page was updated on 29 July 2021.


Quarterly Management Information 2020/21

QuarterCases OpenedTime to close a case - (days) MedianTime to close a case - (days) MeanCases still open
Q1: April - June 2020110811
Q2: July - September 2020831113
Q3: October - December 2020771318
Q4: January - March 2021531315
Year to date (2020/21)3231014
All cases 2019/201091320