Dear Mark,

Thank you for your recent letter on the OSR’s review of ONS’ transformation of the Labour
Force Survey (LFS).

We welcome your findings and positive initial review of our plans to improve the quality, coverage, adaptability, and responsiveness of labour market statistics to maximise their relevance and meet changing user needs.

Our development programme is wide-ranging and includes the transformation of the LFS, together with exploring opportunities to innovate and improve labour market statistics using administrative data and we look forward to your continued review as our transformation evolves.

We are grateful for your recommendations and are compiling an action plan to work through your suggested areas of development. We will continue to keep you updated on the progress we are making through the recommendations as part of our ongoing regular engagement with you. We will also continue to use our regular quarterly transformation update articles to share progress with users.

We are pleased to say, we have recently published a suite of information for users via our Transformed labour force survey – user guidance and look forward to updating you on our future progress.

Yours sincerely,
Alex Lambert, Director of Surveys
Darren Morgan, Director of Economic Statistics, Production & Analysis