Dear Alex, Liz

Review of reintroduction of Labour Force Survey (LFS)-derived Labour Market Statistics (produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS))

Following our letter last month announcing our review of the LFS-based Labour Market statistics, we have today published a report setting out our findings.

We recognise the significant efforts that you and your teams have taken to restore the LFS, and the further steps that are coming to fruition to increase achieved response.

Your article setting out the impact of reweighting was a good example of improved clarity and openness. ONS needs to build on this and embed this communication approach through the transition from the LFS to the Transformed LFS (TLFS). This approach builds trust and confidence in the quality of numbers being produced and ensures users can use them appropriately and with appropriate confidence through the transition to the TLFS. Our report sets out several actions for ONS to take in order to address these themes.

We look forward to ONS publishing its plans shortly setting out further improvements and developments for the LFS data, as well as publishing its plans for the TLFS development work.

We would like to thank the teams involved for their positive engagement in working with us, alongside the significant work they are undertaking to tight timescales on the monthly Labour Market publications, and in support of the transition to the TLFS. We welcome their commitment to addressing our requirements.

Yours sincerely,

Ed Humpherson
Director General for Regulation


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