Dear Steph 

Assessment of Wellbeing of Wales statistics

We have completed our assessment of your Wellbeing of Wales statistics against the Code of Practice for Statistics.  

Through the developments made to the statistics over the last few years, particularly in response to our interim findings that we published in 2019, you have demonstrated a strong commitment to the standards required of the Code of Practice. We judge that the suite comprising the statistical report and the dashboard of detailed data meets the standards of the Code and can therefore be designated National Statistics. 

The Wellbeing of Wales statistics provide a broad suite of vital evidence. In addition to their primary use to monitor Wales’ progress towards meeting the seven well-being goals in legislation, the detailed dashboard together with the commentary in the annual report provide a rich source of evidence for other users across a range of topic areas. We commend the efforts of you and your team to extend the reach of the statistics, and to continually review the indicators and data sources that you include. 

Yours sincerely

Ed Humpherson
Director General for Regulation