Dear Tony,

Thank you for your response to our letter.

My Health & Social Care Domain intend to initiate its review next month. I would be grateful if you could let me know your availability for a meeting in the last two weeks of June? Either dates to avoid or days or morning/evenings you would prefer. At this meeting we can also discuss your concerns with data access further.

With regard to your correspondence with ONS, this would be helpful background for the review team, so please do share this with us.

We are also content for you to publish our letters. For transparency we prefer that any public letters are also available on our own website. So it I would be grateful if you could confirm you are happy for your initial letter to us [16 March 2022] and our response [28 April 2022] to be published on our website.

Kind Regards,

Ed Humpherson
Director General for Regulation

Monday 9 May 2022

Thank you, Ed

I have written to Pete Benton to chivvy him to reply to my letter of 14th April, before I pass the full correspondence with the CIS across to your team. Please indicate to whom the file should be sent.

Presently, I am free throughout the second half of June and would be pleased to follow matters through at that time. I think it might be helpful if my colleague Phyllis Macfarlane could also attend.

I also confirm that we would be very pleased for you to publish all correspondence.

As you may be aware the CIS is not the only matter within our national statistics of interest to BSC and I am pleased to note that Chris Davies of the OSR is attending our seminar on INFLATION this Wednesday, although only by zoom. There is still space in the room if you would like to attend!

Anyway, if appropriate, I would be happy to meet with you in person to talk through some of our concerns and what we feel needs to be done to make our statistics better,

With all good wishes,

Better Statistics