Dear David


Thank you for your recent letter regarding our review of the Ministry of Justice’s:

  • Criminal Court Statistics Quarterly
  • Family Court Statistics Quarterly
  • Civil Justice Statistics Quarterly

I would also like to thank you and your team, for your proactive engagement and for the steps you have already taken to improve and develop the statistics.

The plans you set out for the future development of the statistics will ensure that their value to users increases. We welcome your commitment to publishing more-open and transparent information about revisions; this will increase users’ trust and confidence in the statistics. The progress already being made with the QAAD, along with the update of the user guidance will enhance user confidence in the data and enrich the value of the statistics. We look forward to seeing the results of the of plans you have set out for addressing our other recommendations.

Thank you again for your positive engagement during this process. If you have any further questions regarding the future development of these statistics, please let me know. In addition, our domain lead for Crime and Justice statistics will continue to engage with you and your team as you take these actions forward.

Yours sincerely

Mark Pont
Assessment Programme Lead


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