Dear Ed,

Request for Assessment for National Statistics Designation

As you are aware, in April 2019, responsibility for the production of NHS Scotland’s workforce statistics passed from the Information Services Division (ISD) to NHS Education for Scotland (NES). These statistics were designated as “National Statistics” when produced by ISD and we agreed to temporarily de-designate them when NES took over responsibility.

I have continued as Head of Profession for Statistics for NES and, in that role, I am contacting you to now request a formal assessment of NHS Scotland’s Workforce Data by the Office for Statistics Regulation with a view to re-designating these outputs as National Statistics.

Specifically, in accordance with Section 12(1) of the Statistics and Registration Act 2007, I would be grateful if your Assessment Team can assess the following publications against the Code of Practice for Statistics for National Statistics designation:

  • Psychology Services Workforce in NHSScotland – quarterly
  • CAMHS Workforce NHSScotland – quarterly
  • NHSScotland Workforce – quarterly
  • NHSScotland Workforce – annual

NES’ statistical team and Public Health Scotland’s Statistical Governance team, who provide statistical governance and advisory support to NES, have been in contact with Dr Caroline Jones from the OSR over the last few months and have had initial discussions on the assessment process. From these discussions, we feel that we are now in a position to commence working with the assessment team on this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Scott Heald
Head of Profession for Statistics, NHS Education for Scotland