Dear Ed

Proposed temporary change to timing of key Scottish economic statistics

You will be aware of developments at the ONS in respect of their plans to publish market sensitive statistics at 7.00 am.

Historically the Scottish Government has co-ordinated the publication of our labour market statistics with the corresponding release from the ONS and, if content, it would be our intention for that to continue.

Accordingly, I would be grateful if you could indicate your support for the Scottish Government moving the release time for our labour market publication Key Economic Statistics to 7.00 am in line with contingency arrangements being implemented by the ONS and in-line with the other Devolved Administrations. I appreciate that this represents a departure from the requirements of the Code, but consider it prudent as the releases complement one another and it would help ensure equal access for all.

We will of course keep this interim arrangement under review, in conjunction with colleagues at the ONS and in the other devolved authorities, and involve you as appropriate in any further developments.

Best wishes

Roger Halliday
Chief Statistician and Data Officer

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