Today the Office for Statistics Regulation has published its 2022/23 State of the Statistical System Report.

The UK statistical system continues to perform strongly, responding to different social and economic issues but should be prepared for increasing financial and resourcing challenges, according to the Office for Statistics Regulation’s (OSR) latest review.

Over the past year, OSR has found that the demand for statistics and data is becoming more varied on key societal topics such as rising living costs. Producers are meeting this demand by being innovative and exploring new data sources and methods. However, these developments should not come at a cost to quality.

This report highlights the need for producers to engage with a wide range of users to ensure statistics are relevant, fit for purpose and communicated effectively to support understanding and tackle any risk of data misuse. Statisticians also have the opportunity to help decision makers and the public to make informed choices, guide policy and help to understand complicated societal issues.

With increasing pressure on funding and resourcing, the report encourages improved efficiency, both in making the most efficient use of data and also in ensuring effective collaboration between different producers.  And more proactive engagement with the public, sector specialists, various parts of government and the devolved administrations could ensure relevance and purpose.

Sir Robert Chote, Chair of the UK Statistics Authority said:

“This year’s report reflects the challenging environment in which the system is currently operating, with increased demand coinciding with intensifying pressure on resources.  Statistical producers will need to engage actively with a broad range of stakeholders to help inform prioritisation decisions and ensure that outputs serve the public good, enabling people to make informed decisions.”

Additional Information

The official statistical system comprises the Office for National Statistics, the work of statisticians in government departments, the devolved administrations and public bodies, as well as the OSR itself, all of which are overseen by the UK Statistics Authority. To clarify the OSR’s perspective on the UK statistical system we have produced a guide to present key features of the system here.

This is OSR’s fourth report in our annual series on the State of the Statistics System, see previous reports and linked materials we have published here 2020 – 2021 – 2022

 If you have information or comments you would like to share with us for inclusion in future State of the Statistical System reports or our system guide, please contact