On 9 May 2018, the Office for Statistics Regulation hosted an event to discuss voluntary application of the Code of Practice for statistics.

Ed Humpherson, Director General for Regulation said:

“This event was full of energy and potential for a variety of organisations from public, private and the third sector – who are currently considering how they could voluntarily adopt the pillars that underpin the Code of Practice for statistics ‘Trustworthiness, Quality and Value.’

“This was the first public discussion we have held on voluntary adoption to explain our thinking, share examples so far, answer questions and find out what people wanted to know. We will continue this dialogue over the coming months, reaching out and supporting all those organisations who think their work could benefit from this completely new and exciting extension of the Code.”

The event was introduced by Sir David Norgrove and Ed Humpherson, giving their visions for the extension of the Code. They were followed by:

Tracey Brown, Director of Sense about Science, who said: “It was a good event and showed tangible evidence of leadership in the voluntary application – very rewarding to be part of it.”

Richard Laux, Deputy Director of Data at the Race Disparity Unit. He said: “voluntary application is good idea, it will flourish.”

Tom Davies, Acting Head of Profession for Statistics, DWP, and Katie Dodd, DWP Head of Profession Support. Both said: “It was a good idea to organise this event, and we were glad to present on how DWP is voluntarily applying the code to wider outputs.”

We also welcomed some Heads of Profession for Statistics and Deputy Heads of Profession for Statistics, who shared their valuable experience and examples of using the Code with the extremely receptive audience. There was also a table session, where guests were split into smaller groups to discuss voluntary application.

Following the event we have had some promising feedback from organisations preparing the ground to become voluntary adopters in the near future.

If you are interested in knowing more about voluntary application of the Code or have questions please contact regulationsupport@statistics.gov.uk

Download the presentations (PDFs)

Ed Humpherson: Public confidence in statistics, data and analysis

Tracey Brown: Are people reassured? Or reassurable?

Richard Laux: Benefits and influencing others to adopt Trust, Quality and Value

Tom Davies and Kate Dodd: Voluntary application of the Code of Practice for Statistics in DWP