Assessment of the Price Index of Private Rents (PIPR)

We are currently assessing the extent to which the Price Index of Private Rents (PIPR), produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), meets the professional standards set out in the statutory Code of Practice for Statistics. (Please note that this assessment does not cover the UK House Price Index which is presented in the same bulletin).

We want your feedback

The Code of Practice is a regulatory framework based on the trustworthiness, quality, and value of statistics. Capturing the views of users, and potential users, forms an important part of our judgement about the statistics, including their strengths and how they could be improved.

If you are a user of these statistics, we would very much welcome your feedback and would be grateful of any thoughts on the following questions:

  1. Which of the PIPR statistics or data do you use, and for what purposes? What questions do you need the statistics to be able to answer for you? Please be as specific as possible.
  2. How do you usually access the latest statistics or data, for example, from the ONS website, or from other media? How could access be improved?
  3. Are the PIPR statistics and data published at a level of quality that meets your needs in the context of how you want to use them? How clear is the advice from ONS about the strengths and limitations of the statistics?
  4. Is the presentation of the PIPR statistics (through charts, tables, and commentary) helpful to you? How could presentation be improved?
  5. How does ONS engage with you as a user? Are there any areas where you would welcome improved engagement?
  6. Are there any further developments that you would like to see made to these statistics that would increase their value for you or for your work?

We welcome comments on any other aspect of these statistics which you think might be relevant to our assessment.

We will keep a record of your contact details, emails, and written correspondence with you and notes we record of any meetings with you. These records form an important part of the evidence base to help inform our regulatory judgements. Our Privacy Policy explains how we handle and protect your personal information, your legal rights and who to contact if you have any questions about how your personal information is being used.

It will be useful for us to share your comments with ONS to enable them to take account of your views. Please could you tell us whether you consent for us to pass on your comments and contact details.

Please send any feedback to:

Also, if you think there are other user groups we should be talking to about these statistics, please let us know.

We look forward to receiving your comments by 18th June 2024.