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Office for Statistics Regulation Business Plan 2020/21

The coronavirus pandemic has driven unprecendented change in the world around us. It is clear that there has never been a greater need for statistics that serve the public good. Statistics and evidence are crucial to managing the current pandemic and understanding its impacts on the economy and society.

Statistics and data produced and published by government have had to adapt to the new environment at speed. All producers of statistics have been impacted whether through changes to working environment or new approaches to data collection, analysis and dissemination. As a regulator we also have adapted to this new environment.

We are publishing this business plan and associated work programme to share our focus for 2020/21. It does not aim to be a comprehensive document covering all we will do during the year – in the current circumstances that would be unrealistic. We plan to retain flexiblity so we can respond to the changing environment of the pandemic and its impact on society and the economy.

There is much to learn from how the pandemic has impacted on statistics and data. We will look to the statistics system to build on the dynamism and innovation it has displayed during the pandemic as new areas of demand for insight emerge. We will challenge and continue to support producers to adapt to answer society’s most pressing questions across all matters important to our society, not just those related to the pandemic. And we will look to continue to be flexible and responsive ourselves, building on how we have acted as regulator during the pandemic.

Against this background, our plan highlights our enduring vision and more specific aims for 2020/21 which will guide our priorities and judgements through the year.

Ed Humpherson, Director General for Regulation

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