Systemic Review Outline: Mental Health Statistics (Northern Ireland)

What we are doing and why

This review looks across the spectrum of mental health statistics and explores whether the statistical system is providing the information required to support individuals and policy makers. As each of the countries in the UK have separate policies on mental health, we are taking a phased approach, looking at the statistics produced in each country in turn. In September 2020, we published our review of mental health statistics in England. We are now focusing our review on mental health statistics in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland has the highest prevalence of mental health problems in the UK. This is recognised by the Northern Ireland Executive as a priority issue to address and the Department of Health (NI) have recently published for public consultation a draft 10-year Mental Health Strategy . We welcome the development of a draft strategy and hope that our review will assist and help inform decisions in the statistical sector both in the immediate term and going forward.

How we are doing it

We are speaking with users and producers of mental health statistics to better understand any issues with gaps, accessibility, comparability and any other system-level issues with the statistics. We are also identifying and reviewing the published material on mental health data and statistics.

Taking part

If you would like to contribute to our Northern Ireland review, please get in touch with us:

Email: Vicky Stone (lead)

Email: Effie Roberts