Correction notice:

We have updated Annex A of the Code consultation response report to present the names of the organisations responding formally to the consultation questionnaire. We had previously only included the names of those responding positively to question 25, which sought permission for the name of the respondent to be published. We recognise that question 25 was open to different interpretations and we will ensure that we use clearer wording in future consultations.

OSR has completed a review of the Code of Practice for Statistics including a formal consultation on a draft version of the second edition of the Code of Practice. This report sets out the findings from the feedback provided during the course of the consultation and outlines our approach to addressing the feedback in the second edition of the Code of Practice:

  • We will apply the framework of Trustworthiness, Quality and Value
  • Recognising the feedback that the content in the draft Code was repetitive because it addressed both mandatory and voluntary applications, we will focus the final Code on the mandatory practices required of official statistics
  • The Code will be accompanied by a guide for the voluntary application of the Code
  • We will describe our regulatory approach with respect to official statistics, as well as to other statistics
  • We will provide guidance that provides clear illustrations of the application of the Code to statistical practices and an interactive version of the Code
  • We will clarify each of the principles, emphasise independence and transparency, and better address data governance and the application of the Code to all data types
  • We will remove our observations about the risk to public confidence from pre-release access and focus on the practices of orderly release