The Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR) plans to produce a series of OSR Insight reports to share lessons from our regulatory work with a wider audience in an accessible way. This report is the first in that series.

This report focuses on coherence. It highlights positive examples from across the Government Statistical Service and sets out a framework (see below) to support consideration of coherence as statistics and analyses are developed and disseminated.

Understand the questions users and potential users want answered.

Collaborate across boundaries to gain access to data, align definitions, bring sources together and understand differences.

Create a narrative that draws together information to provide clarity and insight.

We hope this approach will complement other work in this area, such as the recently published GSS Harmonisation Strategy – which sets out ambitions around comparability and coherence – and the work of the GSS Strategy Delivery Division. By working together we can highlight the value of coherent outputs and support greater coherence in published statistics and analysis.