This is one of a series of reports prepared under the provisions of the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007. The Act requires all statistics currently designated as National Statistics to be assessed against the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. The report covers the police statistics reported in the following National Statistics publications produced by the Home Office:

  • Police Powers and Procedures England and Wales (Police Powers);
  • Police Service Strength England and Wales (Police Strength Annual and Update);
  • Seizures of Drugs in England and Wales (Seizures); and
  • Firearm Certificates in England and Wales (Certificates).

Section 3 of this report adopts an ‘exception reporting’ approach – it includes text only to support the Requirements made to strengthen compliance with the Code and Suggestions made to improve confidence in the production, management and dissemination of these statistics. This abbreviated style of report reflects the Head of Assessment’s consideration of aspects of risk and materiality. The Assessment team nonetheless assessed compliance with all parts of the Code of Practice and has commented on all those in respect of which some remedial action is recommended.

This report was prepared by the Authority’s Assessment team, and approved by the Board of the Statistics Authority on the advice of the Head of Assessment.

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