Regulatory guidance – Statements about public funding

6 April 2020
Last updated:
11 April 2022


This publication was updated in April 2022 to migrate the contents to HTML and improve accessibility.

This guidance considers statements about public funding and has two aims:

  • To support and aid understanding for those reading public funding announcements as to what to look out for so they are not misled.
  • To encourage those producing or supporting statements to ensure any statements are clear and can be understood by all.

This guidance builds on a blog published by Mary Gregory, our Deputy Director for Regulation, in November 2019 on what to look out for in statements about public funding. It highlights the key areas of concern that have been raised with us previously.

It is hoped this guidance will encourage people to consider the trustworthiness, quality and value in public funding statements to support their understanding of what funding statements are being made.

The following information can be used as checklist of considerations for anyone reading public funding announcements, as well as an additional checklist of considerations for analytical teams supporting public funding announcements. These checklists should be considered alongside the Code of Practice for Statistics.