Applying the Code of Practice for Statistics’ pillars of Trustworthiness, Quality and Value (TQV) can help stimulate your thinking and decision-making as you work strategically to develop statistical practice across your business area or organisation.

The Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR) has developed the Statistical Practice Capability Framework. OSR is the independent regulatory arm of the UK Statistics Authority. We are currently trialling this framework with a group of official statistics producer bodies. We are sharing the framework to provide an opportunity for wider discussion and feedback. If you have any comments about the framework or are interested in using it, please email or use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us.

The benefits of using the Statistical Practice Capability Framework

The Statistical Practice Capability Framework provides a way for an organisation to better understand itself, its strengths and its limitations, and to recognise what it can do to develop its statistical practice further.

An organisation that understands its TQV achievement levels is in a good position to improve and better meet its goals for serving the public good. The insight gained will be useful for producers, to provide reassurance to both its users and to OSR as its regulator.

Published organisational statements of compliance are great opportunities to describe the approach used for applying the pillars of Trustworthiness, Quality and Value. They help an organisation show its commitment to the Code standards and make itself accountable to its users for its approach.

We strongly encourage producers to apply the Statistical Practice Capability Framework, to support the development of an effective approach and get the most from applying the Code of Practice for Statistics.

What is the Statistical Practice Capability Framework?

The Statistical Practice Capability Framework describes how organisations and or teams can achieve four progressive levels of statistical practice. Using the Framework can help statistics producers keep track of how organisationally and strategically they are demonstrating the Code pillars, and to decide how best to target efforts for development and improvement.

Taking an integrated approach supports producers in maximising the benefits from these individual strategies and to ensure that applying TQV is deliberate and proactive within their teams and/or across their organisation.



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