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  1. The Statistics Authority is carrying out a monitoring review to address the concern that producer bodies and users are faced with an increasing number of price indices and may be confused about which of these to select as the most appropriate deflator for their analysis by region, sector or industry. The rationale for the choice of deflator in official statistics publications is often unclear, and more advice to users is needed.
  2. The review will be conducted in two phases: the first phase will explore how deflators are used by producers of official statistics, and how choices are made and documented; the second phase will look further at quality and methodological issues, providing advice to a broad range of users as appropriate.
  3. An Outline for this work was endorsed at a meeting of the Authority’s Assessment Committee on 23 January.
  4. At the request of the Authority Chair, recognising the importance of this project, a small steering group will be set up to provide expert advice to the Monitoring team at key stages of the review. This group will be known as the Deflator Review Steering Group (DRSG).

    Role, Responsibilities and Reporting
  5. The role of the DRSG is to oversee the research underpinning the review and to provide expert advice on the outputs at key stages of the project.
  6. The DRSG will report to the Authority’s Assessment Committee.Membership
  7. The members of the group are: Mr Ed Humpherson, Head of Monitoring and Assessment, Chair of Group; Sir Andrew Dilnot, Chair of UK Statistics Authority; Mr Sandy Stewart, UK Statistics Authority; Martin Weale, Expert Adviser; Graham Parker, Expert Adviser; Kevin Daly, Expert Adviser; Stephanie Flanders, Expert Adviser; Vanessa Holden, UK Statistics Authority (to provide Secretarial Support).Meetings and quorum
  8. The group is likely to meet three times over the course of the review: to discuss the findings at the end of Phase 1; at the end of Phase 2; and finally, to discuss the draft report in preparation for clearance at the Assessment Committee in July/September 2014.
  9. Meetings of the Steering Committee will be considered quorate if the Chair, Sir Andrew Dilnot, and at least two other members are present.

UK Statistics Authority
Monitoring and Assessment
24 April 2014