The UK Statistics Authority is currently undertaking a monitoring review of deflators in official statistics.

As a crucial part of this process, we are particularly interested in talking with individuals and organisations that have been identified as users or potential users of deflators. The Authority is interested in finding out whether users and producer bodies are aware of the increasing number of price indices and which of these to select as the most appropriate deflator for their analysis by region, sector or industry.

If you have time, we would very much like to hear from you to discuss deflators. Please do give the review team a call: (Siobhan Tuohy-Smith (01633 455986) or Gary Gant (020 7592 8697)

Alternatively, if you would prefer the Authority to contact you via telephone, please email your details to and we will make the necessary arrangements. If you are not able to speak with us, we would welcome your views on the questions below.


  1. Can you give a brief description of your area of work, the deflator(s) you use and why you use them?
  2. Are you aware of any alternative deflators you might use? If so, which ones?
  3. How do you determine which is the most suitable deflator for your analysis?
  4. Are UK-wide deflators sufficient for your purposes or have you ever required deflators by UK region?
  5. Do you use Office for National Statistics (ONS) deflators? If not, why not? (If you do not use ONS deflators, please ignore Questions 6-8)
  6. With respect to official statistics deflators (ONS) how could advice provided by the producer bodies on the use of deflators be improved?
  7. How, if at all, could the ONS user guides and resources on deflators be improved?
  8. What other information about deflators would you like from ONS?
  9. If you have had contact with ONS about deflators, what was your experience?
  10. Do you feel your views might help to enable the continuous improvement of ONS deflators?
  11. Please give us any other comments you have about deflators.

Contact details: Siobhan Tuohy-Smith (01633 455986) or Gary Gant (020 7592 8697) Alternatively, please send your response via email to the Assessment team on by Friday 29 August 2014. Thank you for your time.