The event has great speakers and will explore how we respond to the challenges of data abundance, data gaps and misleadingness.

We will also showcase our work to improve the value of statistics across a vast range of public policy areas, including migration, education, health and regional public finances.

Speakers include Baroness Onora O’Neill, Sir David Spiegelhalter, Professor Deborah Ashby (RSS President) and Sir Ian Diamond (new National Statistician).


Download the full agenda here


WelcomeSir David Norgrove
OSR VisionEd Humpherson
Regulation ShowcaseOSR Leadership Team
Trust and Accountability for Statistics in a Digital AgeBaroness Onora O'Neill of Bengarve
ReflectionsEd Humpherson
Protecting the Role of Statistics in Public DebateLouisa McCutcheon (OSR); Professor Deborah Ashby
Leading a Better Understanding of the Public GoodCatherine Bromley (OSR)
Upholding Trustworthiness, Quality and ValueSir David Spiegelhalter
ReflectionsSir Ian Diamond
Final QuestionsSir David Norgrove and Ed Humpherson