Administrative Data Quality Assurance Toolkit

1 February 2015
Last updated:
15 December 2022

Helpful guidance

  1. UKSA admin data webpage with case examples, talks from RSS event, Exposure Draft report and tool for non-statisticians:
  2. NSO Guidance, Use of Administrative or Management Information:
  3. Using Administrative Data: Good Practice Guidance for Statisticians:
  4. ESS network project on administrative data for business statistics – including Deliverable 2011/6.5, Final list of quality indicators and associated guidance, and Deliverable 2011/6.1, Basic list of quality indicators
  5. BLUE ETS Deliverable 4.2, Report on methods preferred for the quality indicators of administrative data sources:
  6. ESS network Work Package 2a, Deliverables 2.2 and 2.4 – to check the suitability of an administrative data source before first use:
  7. US Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology, US Census Bureau data tool for checking a new administrative data source:
  8. ONS Quality Centre, Guidelines for Measuring Statistical Output Quality:


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