Alternative release times for official statistics policy

5 May 2022
Last updated:
5 May 2022



This paper sets out the Office for Statistics Regulation’s policy for granting alternative release times in line with the Code amendment to practice T3.6 (Edition 2.1 of the Code of Practice for Statistics). It also sets out the steps to be undertaken for statistics subject to a release time exemption during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Standards for alternative release times

We endorse the benefits of publishing at consistent, standard release times, with fair notice for users about when the statistics will be made available.  

The Code supports producers having some flexibility in the timing of the release, in being able to request a time other than 9.30am that would enable the statistics to better serve the public good. 

Producers should understand the nature of the use made of the statistics and how use will be enhanced through adopting an alternative release time. 

We expect statistics producers to be transparent about when they plan to release statistics, how they came to their decision of release time, and to protect the statistics from interference by any vested interests. 

It is critical for maintaining the confidence of users that any changes to planned times of release are also made public, along with their justification.

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