Alternative release times requested under the Code of Practice for Statistics

Edition 2.1 of the Code of Practice for Statistics introduced alternative release times in May 2022. While the standard release time remains as 9.30am, the change enables producers of official statistics to request approval to publish at a time other than 9.30am if it better serves the public good.  

Applications are considered by the Director General for Regulation considering the evidence provided by the head of profession for statistics on user need, independence, transparency, and the orderliness of the release.  

Further information about alternative release times is given in our policy page. 

Practice T3.6 states: 

Statistics should be available to all users at the same time. The standard release time is 9.30am on a weekday. In circumstances when it better serves the public good for statistics to be released at an alternative time, the Director General for Regulation may approve the change. The time of release (whether the standard time or an alternative agreed with the Director General for Regulation) should be announced in advance and adhered to consistently.

Alternative release times considered by the Director General for Regulation on behalf of the UK Statistics Authority




Decision (approved or rejected)

Date considered

Topic area(s)

Office for National StatisticsCensus 2021 data in England and WalesApproved13 May 2022Population and Society
Department for EducationAttendance at education and childcare setting during coronavirus outbreakApproved19 June 2020Children, Education and Skills
Department for EducationKey stage 2 assessment resultsApproved05 July 2016Children, Education and Skills
Department of Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentNI weekly Agricultural Market ReportApproved14 October 2011Transport, Environment and Climate Change
Department of Health, Northern IrelandDaily COVID-19 statistics dashboardApproved01 May 2020Health and Social Care
Department of Health, Northern IrelandCOVID-19 Infection Survey ResultsApproved29 September 2020Health and Social Care
HM Revenue and CustomsTax receipts and National Insurance contributions for the UK, Earnings and employment from Pay As You Earn Real Time InformationApproved26 April 2022Economy
HM Revenue and CustomsVAT gap estimatesApproved26 April 2022Economy
Home OfficeScientific Procedures on Living AnimalsApproved25 June 2015Crime and Security
Northern Ireland Statistics and Research AgencyMarket sensitive economic statistics - Labour Market Report (Monthly)
Quarterly Employment Survey
Approved27 March 2020Economy
Office for National StatisticsCoronavirus (Covid-19) Infection Survey statisticsApproved17 July 2020Health and Social Care
Office for National StatisticsCoronavirus (COVID-19) weekly insights: Key health indicators in EnglandApproved27 November 2020Health and Social Care
Office for National StatisticsMarket sensitive economic statisticsApproved24 March 2020Economy
Public Health ScotlandWeekly COVID-19 reportApproved24 April 2020Health and Social Care
Scottish GovernmentCOVID-19 Infection Survey ResultsApproved05 May 2022Health and Social Care
Scottish GovernmentLabour market, public sector employment statistics - key economic statsApproved27 March 2020Economy
Welsh GovernmentKey economic statisticsApproved27 March 2020Economy
Welsh GovernmentCOVID-19 Infection Survey ResultsApproved29 September 2020Health and Social Care
Welsh GovernmentMid-year population estimates, Electoral roll statistics, National population projectionsApproved22 March 2018Population and Society
UK Health Security AgencySeasonal flu and COVID vaccine uptake statisticsApproved08 April 2022Health and Social Care


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