Assessment and Compliance Checks: A guide for Statistics Producers

1 July 2020
Last updated:
14 December 2022


List of documents for statistics producers to provide as evidence

Item no. Documentation Title where submitting document or provide web link where available
1.        Latest statistical outputs  
2.        User engagement strategy/plans  
3.        Published information on users/uses  
4.        Team organisational chart  
5.        Examples of engagement activities (eg reports about user surveys, social media, consultations, other activities)  
6.        Description of governance arrangements, including committees, advisory boards, user groups  
7.        Minutes of relevant meetings eg with advisory and steering groups, user groups  
8.        Business plan or other relevant planning documents  
9.        Relevant legislation governing the production of the statistics  
10.     Relevant target or performance measures  
11.     Pre-release access lists; statement of compliance with pre-release order  
12.     Revisions and corrections policies  
13.     Any corrections notices  
14.     Pricing policy and arrangements for ad hoc data requests/charging  
15.     Examples of where statistician has commented publicly on statistics eg media, responding to misuse etc; communication plan for the statistics  
16.     Method and data collection (referencing standards and classifications applied) documents  
17.     Supporting quality material accompanying the statistics  
18.     Documents giving quality guidelines, quality assurance arrangements (including any supporting documentation with suppliers eg data specifications)  
19.     Any evidence of reviews/improvement projects  
20.     Survey documentation eg technical report, informed consent  
21.     Confidentiality protection: eg disclosure control arrangements, data sharing agreements, examples of leaflet/letter sent to respondents  
22.     Cost estimates of responding to surveys, any information on compliance burden/documents demonstrating how explored and evaluated different data sources  
23.     Service level agreements or memoranda of understanding, for example, for the supply of data to compile the statistics or data processing  
24.     Staff recruitment, and training & development corporate documents: eg resource and staffing profile for the business area, including costs of producing the statistics, examples of job descriptions for relevant statisticians, examples of continuing professional development and relevant training undertaken  
  [Add any other documents you think are relevant]  
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