Assessment of compliance with the Code of Practice for Statistics: Statistics on Statutory Homelessness in England

15 December 2021
Last updated:
25 July 2022

Annex 1: The Assessment Process

This assessment was conducted from July to December 2021.

This report was prepared by the Office for Statistics Regulation and approved by the Regulation Committee on behalf of the Board of the UK Statistics Authority, based on the advice of the Director General for Regulation.

The assessment team – Oliver Fox-Tatum, Gemma Keane, and Michelle Alderson – agreed the scope of and timetable for this assessment with representatives of DLUHC in July 2021. Documentary evidence for the assessment was provided by the lead homelessness statistician at DLUHC in August 2021. The regulatory team met with DLUHC representatives in October 2021 and asked a number of exploratory questions as part of our review of compliance with the Code of Practice for Statistics, taking account of the evidence provided, user views and research performed.

A key part of the assessment was talking to people who use the statistics, to help us to understand the current value of the statistics, and where there is the potential to increase this. We approached known and potential users of these statistics and conducted 23 interviews. These users worked within DLUHC, the GSS, Local Authorities, homelessness charities, other organisations concerned with homelessness, academics, and other government departments in England, as well as the devolved nations. Our engagement gave us some insight into the extent to which the statistics meet different users’ needs and to which users feel that the statistics’ producers engage with them.

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