Guidance for producers when making changes to statistical methods

8 October 2020
Last updated:
30 June 2022

Documenting the change process

Adherence to the Code principles will need to be demonstrated when it comes to assessing or re-assessing the National Statistics designation. The change process will usually have a number of stages (scoping possible options, pilots, final decision), all of which will yield information that can be used to demonstrate adherence. The kinds of
documentation that will be helpful include:

  • Minutes of meetings where decisions relevant to the process have been taken
  • Submissions to Ministers or other senior decision makers about the process
  • Expert advice that has been sought (reports, emails etc)
  • Pilot reports (ideally these should also be published)
  • User engagement plans and strategies
  • Records of user engagement activities carried out (newsletters, meetings, events etc)
  • Published materials that mention the process (blog posts, newsletters etc)
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