Office for Statistics Regulation Annual Business Plan 2021/22

25 May 2021
Last updated:
26 May 2021

Applying the Authority’s Core Principles

We apply these principles in respect of our ambitions for the statistics system, and our ambitions for our own organisation and how we operate as a regulator. Our focus in 2021/22 will be:


Statistics System: The Code requires that statistics producers should be creative and motivated to improve statistics and data. In our regulatory work we will recognise where statistical producers are taking opportunities to innovate and collaborate, and challenge where they are not.

Our capability: We will continue to grow our research and data and automation functions to support our own innovation and utilise our Insight programme to inform our development.


Statistics System: We will place a strong focus on the granularity of statistics and data, and the ability to link data, to enable statistics to represent the experience of all in society. We will expand our work on the public good of statistics in 2021/22 to hear directly from the public.

Our capability: In our projects, we will aim to find ways to engage with and listen to the range of voices. We will continue our work to make our website, outputs and events accessible for all. We will continue to seek people to join our organisation from the widest range of backgrounds.


Statistics System: Through our focus on granularity and data gaps, we will challenge the statistics system to anticipate the data, insights and understanding the UK needs and respond rapidly and transparently.

Our capability: We will develop our Insight programme and automated tools to support our own anticipation of data needs and emerging issues.


Statistics System: We will focus in 2021/22 on quality and on ensuring the statistics system is well positioned to answer the questions of the future as well as the present.

Our capability: We will publish a prioritised work programme that we will review every 4-6 weeks to ensure that we are agile and able to focus on the issues of importance to the public good.

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