Office for Statistics Regulation Annual Business Plan 2022/23

12 May 2022
Last updated:
12 May 2022


Longer term priorities

High-level impact







Statistics that serve the public good







High-level outcome


We uphold the trustworthiness, quality and value of statistics and data used as evidence


We protect the role of statistics in public debate


We develop a better understanding of the public good of statistics

2022/23 priorities

High-level activities

Prioritise projects which improve public understanding of matters of greatest public interest

  • Produced: Focus on regulatory projects which are best placed to improve understanding and support society’s information needs.
  • Used: Improve our understanding of how public consume information. Intervene where there is greatest potential for misunderstanding and misuse.
  • Valued: Understand what “public good” looks like. Develop OSR work to identify and evaluate our impact.

Promote data sharing and linkage in a secure manner

  • Produced: Highlight potential for, and positive examples of, data sharing and linkage in regulatory work.
  • Used: Make statements about data sharing and its contribution to public debate.
  • Valued: Understand value of data linkage and sharing, and share this within and beyond OSR.

Widen our reach and influence

  • Produced: Use regulatory work to affect wider improvements, drawing insights from regulatory outputs to drive improvement across the statistical system and beyond.
  • Used: Consolidate our position to support any public use of data and analysis by UK governments. Focus on system-wide change.
  • Valued: Improve understanding of our impact and influence. Encourage voluntary adoption. Use our understanding of public good to influence beyond official statistics.

OSR capability

  • Prioritise external relations and digital communications activities which make our opinions and judgements transparent and easy to find, and improve the public’s access to us (including visible web statements and user engagement).
  • Develop our people to have the confidence and skills to drive improvement autonomously (including projects around line managers capability, casework capability, induction training).
  • Focus on embedding a culture and infrastructure for gathering and sharing insight.

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