Office for Statistics Regulation’s Areas of Research Interest

26 October 2023
Last updated:
21 February 2024

Executive Summary

This publication sets out the Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR)’s areas of research interest (ARI). These are framed around our vision of statistics that serve the public good, and our mission of focussing on how statistics are produced, used and valued to achieve that vision. We set out research questions we are interested in learning more about, what we can offer researchers and how we decide who to collaborate with. At a high-level, the areas we are interested in research on include:

How statistics are produced:

  • The trustworthiness (and perceived trustworthiness) of statistics
  • The quality of statistics
  • The value of statistics

How statistics are used:

  • The use of statistics and evidence
  • The misuse of statistics and evidence

How statistics are valued:

  • What it means for statistics to serve the public good

Cross-cutting interests:

  • The interactions between production, use and value
  • The role of statistics in a changing world
  • Where official statistics sit in the wider data and evidence landscape
  • The communication of statistics
  • How statistics represent society and the impacts of this

If you would like to share evidence or collaborate with us on any of these areas, please contact us at

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