Regulatory guidance – Thinking about quality when producing statistics

23 June 2020
Last updated:
21 August 2023


This publication was updated in April 2022 to migrate the contents to HTML and improve accessibility.


Statistics should be produced to a level of quality that meets users’ needs, and quality assurance (QA) should be proportionate to the nature of the quality issues and the importance of the statistics in serving the public good.

In this guide we provide some questions that analysts producing statistics can use in considering quality at each stage of production. This list is adapted from a series of questions we asked teams during our review of the principles and processes underpinning the quality of HMRC’s official statistics, and draws on QAAD Questions which help producers find out about administrative data.

This quality guide is not a checklist but is designed to be used alongside your own organisation’s guidance, as well as alongside external resources – take a look at the list at the end. GSS guidance on best statistical practice for quality assurance is available on the Policy and Guidance Hub.

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