Regulatory guidance – Thinking about quality when producing statistics

23 June 2020
Last updated:
21 August 2023

Other resources available

The Code of Practice for Statistics – The Office for Statistics Regulation Code of Practice for Statistics provides producers of official statistics with the detailed practices they must commit to when producing and releasing official statistics. The Code articulates a range of aspects of QA in the Quality pillar that producers should refer to when planning QA.

Quality Assurance of Administrative Data (QAAD) Toolkit (February 2019) – This toolkit from the Office for Statistics Regulation is intended to help statistical assessors review the areas of practice for the quality assurance arrangements of administrative data used to produce official statistics.

QAAD Questions – What do I need to ask? Use this guide from the Office for Statistics Regulation as a prompt to help you find out more about your administrative data sources and any associated quality issues.

Quality of administrative data in statistics – The Methodological Research Hub and the Data Quality Hub has developed the Administrative Data Quality Framework (ADQF) to help you assess the quality of administrative data for use in the production of statistics. It describes quality dimensions for assessing input quality, or quality dimensions for data, and output quality, or quality dimensions for statistics. The framework is consistent with the Code of Practice for Statistics and QAAD.

GSS Guidance on quality – Here is a useful web page with links to a range of guidance on managing quality in statistics, including communicating quality, uncertainty and change.

GSS Quality Strategy – This strategy aims to improve statistical quality across the Government Statistical Service (GSS) to produce statistics that serve the public good. 

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