Next Steps

Loneliness data and statistics play a key role in understanding society’s needs and are even more relevant in these unusual times. The policy environment and user need, and how producers respond to these factors, reflect a developing and evolving landscape. As such, we at the Office for Statistics Regulation keenly watch to see changes and improvements in the quality and value of these data and statistics, driven by producer bodies themselves. We will continue to engage with key stakeholders to understand future changes and look to make new contacts and strengthen our user and producer networks in this area.

We are encouraged by the efforts made by statistics producers across the nations to begin working more collaboratively to improve their understanding on loneliness and to fill in information gaps. Going forward, we would be keen to see a continued effort towards collaboration. We encourage increased collaboration between statistics producers, analysts and policy makers. This would allow producers to create statistics that are of higher value to the public and that better meet the needs of users.

If you work with loneliness statistics or have any views on this systemic review you with to share with us, please contact us at We would be very happy to speak with you further.

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