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We closed the Northern Ireland strand of the review as summarised in a letter published in March 2019.

Background to the project

During 2018-19 the Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR) carried out a systemic review of adult social care statistics.

The review explored the adult social care statistics landscape across the UK to better understand the strengths and weaknesses, and share the learning across the four nations, recognising that policy variations have led to differences in how statistics are produced.

We wanted to further understand users’ needs for statistics about adult social care and discover and share best practice in the compilation, harmonisation, data linking potential, publication and statistical commentary of these statistics.


What we want to happen as a result of this systemic review

Adult social care statistics across the UK are coherent, harmonised, insightful and accessible and answer society’s important questions thus ensuring that decision-makers, policy officials and the public have the information they require.