Health and Social Care

Last updated on Monday 24 October 2022

Our Health and Social Care domain oversees the regulation of statistics concerning the health of the UK population and health and social care services provided in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We will be looking to the statistics system to demonstrate how they meet current and future needs emerging from the pandemic, such as providing better data to understand the lessons learned and explore health inequalities. We continue to respond at speed to user concerns about data to support understanding of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, working with statistics producers to make sure that the statistics produced are timely and meet user needs.

We will continue our focusĀ onĀ mental healthĀ statistics andĀ social care data transformation, so that they achieve the prominence of existing statistics about hospital care.

We will continue to encourage access to data, seeking solutions to the problems that researchers experience when trying to access data. We will alsoĀ champion the joining-up of data on health and social care with data on other aspects of peopleā€™s lives, including crime, justice, education, employment and welfare.Ā We will also continue to contribute to relevant parliamentary enquiries and follow these up with relevant engagement.

Contact our regulators for this domainĀ Anna Price,Ā Caroline Jones,Ā Sarah Whitehead, and Nisha BuntingĀ for more information.

Planned Work

ProjectGeographyProject TypeTimescale
Workforce statistics (NHS Education Scotland)ScotlandAssessmentContinuing from 2021/22
Deaths in the Care Sector (Office for National Statistics)England and WalesAssessmentContinuing from 2021/22
Waiting Times statistics (Public Health Scotland)ScotlandAssessmentNot yet started
Mental Health statistics Northern IrelandNorthern IrelandSystemic Review: Phase 2Continuing from 2021/22
Adult Social Care statistics Great BritainGreat BritainSystemic Review: Phase 2Continuing from 2021/22
COVID Lessons Learned ReviewUnited KingdomSystemic Review: Phase 2Continuing from 2021/22
England Mental Health Statistics Review - follow upEnglandSystemic Review: Phase 2April-June 2022
Scotland Ambulance Service Performance statistics (Scotland Ambulance Service)ScotlandRapid ReviewApril-June 2022
COVID Infection Survey ReviewUnited KingdomReviewJuly-Sept 2022
Health Index Compendium (Office for National Statistics)EnglandCompliance CheckJuly-Sept 2022

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