Annex: Glossary

ASAAdvertising Standards Agency, the UK media regulator
ExCoExecutive Committee, the UK Statistics Authority committee focussing on business delivery in the Office for National Statistics
GSGGovernment Statistician Group, statisticians working in government who have passed a ‘badging’ exercise
GSSGovernment Statistical Service, a community of all civil servants involved in the collection, production and dissemination of official statistics in the UK, Scottish and Welsh governments
IACInter Administration Committee, a GSS committee that promotes coherence across the administrations of the UK and resolves inter-administration issues at a strategic level
ICOInformation Commissioners Office, the UK's independent body set up to uphold information rights
ISIInternational Statistical Institute, the independent international statistical organisation
NISRANorthern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, an executive agency within the Department of Finance (Northern Ireland) that is the principal source of official statistics and social research. All government statisticians working in Northern Ireland are employed by NISRA, but can be based in other Northern Ireland departments or arm’s length bodies.
NSEGNational Statistics Executive Group, the senior executive committee for system-wide statistical and analytical matters
OfcomOffice of Communications, the UK regulator for communications services
ONSOffice for National Statistics, the largest producer of official statistics in the UK and the UK’s National Statistical Institute
RSSThe Royal Statistical Society, a professional body for statisticians and data analysts
The 2007 ActThe Statistics and Registration Service Act (2007), the legislation that underpins the UK statistical system
The AuthorityThe UK Statistics Authority, an independent body at arm's length from government with a statutory objective of promoting and safeguarding the production and publication of official statistics that 'serve the public good'.
The CodeThe Code of Practice for Statistics, the document produced by OSR which sets the standards that producers of official statistics should commit to
The ConcordatThe Concordat on Statistics, the framework for cooperation on statistical matters between the UK Government and devolved administrations
UNSDUnited Nations Statistics Division, the central mechanism in the United Nations to serve statistical needs and coordinate activities
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