Understanding the difference between Official Statistics and published Management Information

5 January 2024
Last updated:
19 January 2024

Management information (MI)

What we mean by ‘Management information’ (MI)

MI are essential operational data in a relative raw form. They provide transparency about an organisation’s business or operation when they are published.

MI are produced using business systems that reflect operational needs.

Data are combined and collated from MI or administrative systems to present important indicators of interest to the organisation.

Why MI are produced and published

MI have a system focus. They are published to meet the public interest for transparent information about:

  • policy or operational decision making
  • how services are performing

Who produces and publishes MI

MI are often published by people working in non-statistical business areas. This could include people involved in:

  • an operational area
  • policy development
  • performance management

Analysts that work on OS may also work on operational or policy activities that produce MI.

When MI are released

MI can be released on a regular or ad hoc basis to respond to the business need for transparency. This means the quality of MI can be lower than the quality of OS.

MI lags are usually small, and data are generally released frequently. For example, they can be released daily or weekly, but can also be released at longer intervals, such as monthly or quarterly.

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