9.30am release time review

This page was published on Wednesday 2 June 2021

This page was last updated on Thursday 17 June 2021

We want to make sure that statistics are equally accessible to all and as useful as possible to the people who use them. The Code of Practice for Statistics states that statistics should be released at 9.30am (see Practice T3.6). During the pandemic, we granted exemptions to allow the release of market sensitive statistics at 7am, as well as to some COVID-19 related statistics to be released as soon as prepared and quality assured, with release times of noon and 2pm.

The Code of Practice for Statistics is a living document and we want the Code to remain as relevant as possible to statistical practice and to the needs of society. We are undertaking a review into whether the 9.30am release time stated in the Code meets today’s needs. It is critical that the release approach maintains confidence in the integrity of the official statistics and in their independence, while best serving the public good.

We’d like to hear comments from statistics producers, users, and other stakeholders. We’re interested in your views and experience, which will help us determine whether there is a need for us to develop more formal proposals for changing the release practice.

Any plans to change the Code will be subject to a wider consultation.

If you have any comments about the release time of official statistics, please contact us.