Following a series of assessments in 2015, we identified systemic issues affecting health and care statistics in England. Fundamentally, because there was no single individual or organisation with clear leadership responsibility for health and care statistics in England, this led to problems with the coherence and accessibility of these statistics. To instigate change, we ran the first phase of our systemic intervention for the past two years, with staff from the Office for Statistics Regulation convening and leading three Round Table meetings and two conferences.

This latest conference provided an opportunity for users to engage with statistics producers to explain their needs in detail, postulate some key questions that need answering, hear updates of the progress made since the last conference and to form effective working relationships going forward. Producers have been able to learn from each other, understand users’ future needs to help inform the development of their statistics and collaborate to create effective solutions.


Ed Humpherson: Putting users at the heart of health and social care statistics  (PDF)

Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter: Making statistics accessible, useable and assessable (PDF)

Full Fact Fact checking statistics (PDF)

John Morris: Health Care Quality Indicators (PDF)

Scott Heald and Maighread Simpson: A perspective from Scotland (PDF)

Abbie Self: Putting users at the heart of statistics (PDF)