Checklist for official statistics in development

Development Planning:

1. In preparing your plan have you considered who, why, what, when?

2. Have you agreed what is required to complete the development?

3. Have you prepared and published an outline of the development for users?


User Engagement:

4. Have you decided the public interest profile of the statistics to guide the extent of the engagement: lower/medium/higher?

5. Have you answered these questions:

  • What use is/will be made?
  • Who uses/will use the statistics?
  • How broad is the user base?

6. Have you agreed the ways to engage on testing about the suitability of the stats method and output? For example, considering one or more of:

  • User survey
  • User group(s) discussions
  • Individual conversations
  • Collaborate with expert users

A Microsoft Word version of this checklist with yes/no tick boxes can be downloaded for use.

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