Longer term priorities

High-level impact







Statistics that serve the public good







High-level outcome


We uphold the trustworthiness, quality and value of statistics and data used as evidence


We protect the role of statistics in public debate


We develop a better understanding of the public good of statistics

2023/24 Priorities

High-level activities

Support and challenge producers to innovate, collaborate and build resilience 

We will champion and support statistics producers to build on the innovation, collaboration and resilience they have displayed during the last few years. Our regulatory activities will see us promoting the sharing, linking and reuse of data. We will support statistics producers to maximise the value of their data and statistics through increased innovation and more collaboration. We will also focus on activities which will support statistics producers to develop and build resilience.

Champion the effective communication of statistics to support society’s key information needs

We will continue to champion the transparent release and use of data and statistics and argue for accurate and timely statistics to be available on the topics that matter most. Our regulatory activities will see us focus on how statistics producers communicate uncertainty, and how they mitigate and manage misuse of statistics and data. We will also focus our work on activities which support statistics producers to engage with, understand and meet the varying needs of a wide range of users of data and statistics.

Build partnerships to champion good practice principles for data and analysis that inform the public

We will continue our work outside of official statistics. Our focus will be on working with organisations, and with teams within government departments, who are not official statistics producers, but who produce and communicate data and analysis that are used in the public domain. These types of data and analysis are often likely to be perceived and used by others as if they are official statistics. We will continue our engagement with data influencers and data users to support us with this focus.

OSR capability

  • Improve public access to us – making our opinions and judgements transparent and easy to find
  • Strengthening our people’s confidence, knowledge and skills to drive improvement autonomously
  • Embedding a culture and infrastructure for gathering and sharing insight.

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