State of the Statistical System 2022/23

28 June 2023
Last updated:
28 June 2023

Annex - Our approach

This is our fourth annual State of the Statistical System report. This report is strongly informed by our regulatory work across the previous financial year including evidence from our assessments, compliance checks, systemic reviews, and casework. We also collated insights from other OSR work such as analytical leadership, our external publications, and our Regulation Committee. This annex outlines some of key sources that we have used to produce this report, including OSR publications, and publications from other organisations.

The views of those across the statistical system as well as those who sit outside of it are an important source of information for this report. Through our regulatory work we engage with a wide range of producers and users on an on-going basis and these interactions provide valuable insights and examples that feed into our evidence gathering. Once we have identified our key themes and findings, we discuss these with other government departments and organisations in order to supplement our research.

“We would like to thank everyone for their contributions to this report and look forward to continuing our engagement, through our regulatory work, with a range of stakeholders in the coming year”

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